Ski Montana

Our Story:  Retro Ski Shop started as purely a hobby.  Before selling Retro Ski Gear, RJ’s closet was full of bright and tight gear that him and his buddies would wear during retro events, pond skims and whenever it felt “appropriate”.  They still dress to impress on the slopes, but now have a giant inventory of bright and tight gear for customers to choose from.  The naked skier in the logo is RJ’s father who streaked the Gelende Ski Jump Competition held at Missoula’s Snowbowl in the late 70’s.

Our Goal:  Retro Ski Gear is a fad that has no end in sight, because it is a proven fact that no matter what type of ski day it is, if you dress up in Retro Ski Gear, you’re gonna have a good time!  The goal of Retro Ski Shop is to provide the type of gear that our customers want with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Our Motto:  Keep it Bright and Tight!